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Neonatal & Pediatric Echo Training
Intense 2-day Individualized, Integrated Knowledge & Skill based workshop

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You can book the Level II and Level III training by clicking the checkbox below. We will revert with the details shortly:

Level II Training:
Mannequin based training and simulation of hand movement and how that changes image along with observation of echocardiography on children.
Level III Training:
Supervised echocardiographic studies which are critiqued and subsequently improved. You would do echoes at your centre, send the studies to us and we would evaluate and score you based on the studies. Once 30 satisfactory studies with evaluation are completed you would be awarded the level 3 status.

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 Delhi Child Heart Center, 130 Uday park, New Delhi-110049


  • 17 Lectures
  • Workbooks
  • Probe movement
  • Group Tasks & Activities
  • Section exams/ Quiz/ Certificate Course